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mardi 26 octobre 2004

Last day of the harvest

It is not without some weariness that we started this morning the last day of harvest under a rather overcast sky and slightly misty. A calm atmosphere floated over the vineyard where we could only hear the noise of the vendangettes (shears) at each grape cutting... A bit like if this great family who lived together for 3 weeks had been touched by a melancholic and nostalgic feeling.

The three last single vineyards which were harvested are located on the south-western / southern sides of the slopes of Chavignol which argilo-limestone soil left the earth, still wet (from the rains of the previous week nights), "in love" ( ie stucked to the grape-pickers boots).

This evening is meant to be a very festive atmosphere since we will gather to celebrate the end of the harvest: "the panful".

lundi 25 octobre 2004

Setting of our white Sancerre "La Bourgeoise" in barrels

We put out of barrel this weekend the juice just started in fermentation of Sauvignon blanc which will be intended for our white Sancerre "La Bourgeoise" and who will do her alcoholic fermentation in new barrels, one year and two years during ten days.The barrels are thermo regulated using “serpentines” in which circulates cold water. This system makes it possible to control and maintain the temperature of the juice during alcoholic fermentation, whose activity creates heat.

This cuvee results from single vineyards of flint soil from the village of Saint Satur. This type of soil confers on the wine an aromatic originality which made it relatively reserved the 2 to 3 first years of bottle but which opens into the intensity and complexity as soon as this one has more than 3 years of bottle. These wines are characterized by elegant flavours with notes of smoke, gun flint, mineral notes, fruity (peach, pineapple) and floral (flower of acacia, flower of vine, flower of orange tree, peony). It should be noted that a great majority of our white resulting from flint soil are passed in barrels in order to offer more roundness and to bring soft spice notes like vanilla.

The Cost of Damned Montons

This weekend we harvested our parcels of Sauvignon blanc on the Coast of the Damned Montons (Côte des Monts Damnés) which will be at the origin of our wines "Le MD de Bourgeois" and "Sancerre Jadis". As for the parcels at the origin of our white Sancerre "La Vigne Blanche" they will be harvest this Monday October 25. To return on this kimméridgien marls slope baptized the Coast of the Damned Montons, the wine resulting from this hard and testing slope for the winegrowers was the object of serious covetousnesses since the 11th century and in particular by the lords and leading citizens.

This soil is, we point out it to you, an amalgam of fine clay and relatively chalky with fragments of fossilized shells going back to approximately 60 million years. Besides we find this nature of soil on the vineyards of Chablis and of course of Pouilly-Fumé. The characteristic of the wines resulting from this slope is in their expression as floral as fruity, mineral and complex. In mouth, those wines are always very ample and of a rich substantial.

After being transported quickly on the higher level of the gravitating cellar (reception of the harvest), the grapes were convoyed to the pneumatic press by respecting the entirety of bays. Then those were delicately pressed with low pressure. The juice obtained was then run out by gravity to the settling cellar where it will remain out of tank at a temperature from 8 to 10°C during 24 to 48h in order to be clarified. After being racked, the clear juice was put out of tank stainless for the elaboration of our "Le MD de Bourgeois" whereas for the single vineyard dedicated to our "Sancerre Jadis", its juice was partly past oak barrels of 3 and 4 years.

vendredi 22 octobre 2004

Single vineyard "Les Gardes"

Currently we harvest our single vineyard of Sauvignon blanc "Les Gardes". This marl kimméridgiennes single vineyard is located on a steep hillsides at the top of Chavignol. It is a hard work for the pickers and especially the back-basket men who must take care not to fall with a plenty back-basket when they will empty this one in the bucket.
The grapes, intended for the blending of our white Sancerre "Le MD de Bourgeois", are pressed whole then the juice is placed in stainless-steel vat during 24-48h at 8°C for a settling.

jeudi 21 octobre 2004

Devatting of red wine

This evening we running off the red wine from our tank of Pinot noir, that consists in separating the liquid phase from the solid part. The wine ran off gravitationally by one of the taps to the bottom of the tank. Once run out juice, the cap of marc, who still contains a liquid part, was emptied from tank and was transported by conveyor belt to a press in order to obtain the wine of press, who will be used for the assembly of our red Sancerre "Les Baronnes".

The wine of draining and the wine of press were put in separate tanks. These two wines will slowly be cooled in order to clear up them. We will rack then the clear wine so that it do a malolactic fermentation. Malolactic fermentation makes it possible to de-acidify the wine naturally and can last between 2 and 3 months.

mercredi 20 octobre 2004

Harvest of Pinot noir on the Damned Hill

We havested today the single vineyard of Pinot noir "Beaujeu" ...

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