The story of a family

The story of our family is told over ten generations of winegrowers. Men who cultivate an attachment – in Sancerre, in the village of Chavignol – as well as daring. And more besides: a commitment, that of revealing the great terroirs of the appellation.

Every day, the same values drive us :

  • passion, spurred on by effort and perfectionism, for giving life to wine ;
  • a calling to express all the aspects of Sancerre, its identities born of terroirs rich in their variety;
  • a celebration of the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir varietals.

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For 10 generations, the Famille Bourgeois has committed efforts and emotions to working with vines, creating wines, and sharing their personalities.

For the ancestors, the vine was already a passion into which they threw themselves, in addition to growing necessary subsistence crops and keeping a few goats.

However, the main figure of the turning point in the family’s history was Henri Bourgeois. From cultivating two hectares on the slopes of Chavignol, he took the audacious step in the 1950s of concentrating on his vines in an as yet unknown area. That is where were born wines of high quality to which he gave his name.

His sons, Jean-Marie and Rémi, joined him in the 1960s and continued the adventure. They discovered new terroirs, bought land, developed partnerships with other Sancerre families, and turned themselves into ambassadors for Sancerre’s reputation in France, then abroad.

Today, Arnaud, Lionel, and Jean-Christophe Bourgeois are just as much the heirs of those men as the initiators of the future of the vines and wines of the house.

A family working together, expressing its vivacity and its own generous personalities through its wines, which are now naturally associated with the name of “Famille Bourgeois”.


“Our philosophy of life and work celebrates the good, the beautiful, and the true, in the extreme accuracy of our viticulture and our wine-making, in respect for the environment, as well as in the generous aromas of the vintages that will foster sociable tasting sessions.

Being a winemaker in Sancerre is to love sharing moments when sometimes the slopes are swept by the wind while at others they are bathed in sunlight, and to tell you of those moments through wine.”

Bourgeois Family

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