“Terroirs form the basis of our work and of our inspiration as winegrowers. The variety of our vineyard enables us to present you with the whole range of flavours of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé.”

Bourgeois Family

Across a mosaic of several dozen plots of land spread across 72 hectares, the Famille Bourgeois illustrates all the nuances and reliefs of the flavours of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé.

It imagines its wines and tells their stories starting from their roots, which go deep into the heart of three types of soil present in the vineyard:

  • clay-limestone, which gives rise to fresh, fruity vintages;
  • Kimmeridgian marls, the memories of fossilised shells from the Jurassic Era that give intense flavours of exotic fruits and a superb structure;
  • flint, which initiates elegant wines with smoky, roasted notes and minerality of great finesse.

Those fresh terroirs of the Loire give rise to wines with a great mineral feeling.


“Nourished by singular terroirs and enriched by a unique microclimate, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir flourish here across our hills. Each of our wines is a celebration of those varietals, fashioned by the inimitable personality of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé.”

Bourgeois Family

Thick, serrated leaves and roots that know how to sneak through the heart of soils, Sauvignon Blanc stands out by its natural acidity. Sauvignon Blanc is transcended by its terroir. With robes that range from white gold to straw yellow, the wines develop floral, fruity flavours that are also taut and firm, with minerality forming the backbone.

For its part, Pinot Noir is a more delicate varietal that is particularly appreciative of northern areas. Offering black-skinned grapes with white juice, Pinot Noir yields several nuances depending on the terroir. After well-controlled maceration, it expresses elegant tannin maturity and perfect colour extraction. The wine robe is a deep ruby that goes with flavours of red fruits, currants, blackberries, and cherries.

Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, as interpreted by the Famille Bourgeois, give life to wines that are delicious and voluptuous, and that stand out by their freshness..


“Our vision of viticulture and winegrowing is nourished by a constant search for great accuracy.”

Bourgeois Family

The family’s art of wine is based on both the legacy of the ancestors and the technicality and instinct of Arnaud, Lionel, and Jean-Christophe Bourgeois, whose three voices today sound in unison to create vintages.

Aspiring to the work of a goldsmith, to something hand-crafted, they are attentive to each detail in the vines and cellars.

It is the sum total of all those details, at each stage in the life of wine, that sketches out the know-how of the Famille Bourgeois.

Vines are cultivated with respect for the environment and so that nature blossoms forth. The grapes of each plot are tasted so that each one is harvested at optimum maturity. Grapes of which the flavours are then expressed with complete respect for the fruit, within a gravity cellar of which the architecture plunges deep into the hill of Chavignol.

The Famille Bourgeois is a pioneer in plot-based winemaking in the Sancerre region. In that way it extracts the purest expression from each terroir. Next come winegrowing and maturing wine in a cellar, adventures that are embarked upon each year to best showcase the personality of the vintage.

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